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Foreign Film Friday: Grabbers

Foreign Film Friday: Grabbers

So a small Scottish village is being attacked by a sea monster and the only way to protect themselves is to be drunk.

Um, yes please!!!

This was a really fun movie. I recognized several actors. There were enough funny moments to balance the scary-ish ones. This isn’t a big scare movies. A few times things jump out at you, and there is a fair amount of gore, but I wasn’t hiding behind my pillow.


A Poem for my Daughter

A Poem for my Daughter

So tonight my daughter graduated the eight grade!! It was a lovely and LONG ceremony as the teachers created a poem for each student and read them out-loud. This is my daughter’s poem.


Thinker, believer, giver, leader

a power so great, apply it to be an achiever.

Not afraid to speak your mind,

use your voice for the good of humankind.

Individuality, personality,

a style with impact.

Hair that make a statement,

opinions made of passion.


Rebellious, mischievious, inari fiend,

stand by your beliefs,

cultivate compassion for all beings.

Soft heart, comforting embrace,

shank a man for threatening your space.

Humanitarian, lover of life,

willing to fight for all that you prize.

Go off into the world,

show up,

open your eyes.

Fake Meat: the Dildos of Vegetarian Cooking

Fake Meat: the Dildos of Vegetarian Cooking
Alica McKenna-Johnson,  Vegetarian meat

Photo by Trevor Owens

For some reason there are meat eaters who get upset when vegetarians eat fake meat. “Why don’t you just eat the real thing?” they demand.

And it got me wondering—if these same people saw a lesbian buying a dildo would they ask her why doesn’t she just go have sex with a man?

And that lead me to thinking about all the ways fake meat and dildos are alike.

1) Not having to deal with what’s attached to the real thing. A being for food or a being for fun you should consider them to some degree. They are a part of the equation, and sometimes you don’t want to have to deal with the emotions/karma/energy involved in other beings, you just want to your desires fulfilled.

2) The mess. So beings have fluids, and those can be messy and dangerous. Using the proper protection and cleaning efficiently is a necessity, and can be a fun part of the process, but you don’t always want to deal with it.

3) Sometimes it’s about quick, focused satisfaction. Yes, I could spend time prepping beans, tofu and veggies or getting dressed up and going out and meeting someone. But what if I just want something quick. What if I just want a hit of something quick, thick, and fulfilling without the hours of prep?

4) Because sometimes you simply want a sausage without any fuss, drama, karma, or interaction with others.

Photo by Chanel Beck

Photo by Chanel Beck

Can you think of any other ways fake meat is like a dildo???

Foreign Film Friday: Dead Snow 2 Red vs Dead

Foreign Film Friday: Dead Snow 2 Red vs Dead

Dead Snow 2, bad horror movies, foreign horror movies, Alica McKenna Johnson, Phoenix Child
This sequel takes place directly after the end of the first movie. It has a different director ,and their intention was to make it campy. So I’m fine with campy. I love bad horror movies. What I didn’t like was the change in the films from the first to the second, especially since I watched them back to back.

I felt they missed an opportunity. First they have an evil hand, which is fine I’m all for an evil hand, but they failed to do the opposite with a good hand, which I thought would have been super fun.

So I had friends unhappy with me because of the ending of the first movie, Not all horror movies have a happy ending. The ending of this one, yeah so OMG gross!!!!

Overall the movie was fun and campy lots of gore, but the end [shudders]. I’m not sure I’ll watch it again.





Foreign Film Friday: Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Foreign Film Friday: Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Dramafever, Hyde, Jekyl,Me, Alica Mckenna Johnson, Phoenix Child
I have found, a site with free Korean dramas, full of wonderful/awful shows. They have fun stories, and a different way to approach the stories. I think is important for writers to explore, so it is not entertainment, it’s research, people. I’m working here.
Anyway Hyde, Jekyll, Me is a fun odd story. It has romance and a Jekyll/Hyde character, but the dominant character is a cold-hearted business man who fights to suppress the side of him that is a sweet, playful, artistic hero named Robin.
The female lead is frequently yanked, shoved, and pushed to the ground, even though she is supposed to be an aerial artist. I know some aerial artists, and they are strong. So, yeah, that irks. But I keep coming back to it even when it irks me.
Also something happened the last time Robin, the good side, came out five years ago. Something the others see as bad, and Robin doesn’t know about. And I have to find out what happened, they are hinting someone died, but I don’t know whether I trust them. Must keep watching to find out!!


I’m Not Going To Starve!!

I’m Not Going To Starve!!
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Photo by Kate Ter Haar

So it seems like every time I change my eating habits, my loving family starts out very supportive and then slowly changes what they bring me for meals.
Yes, you will probably hate me after this, but I almost never cook. Breakfast and dinner are made by my hubby and daughter. They bring it down to the group home for me every day :)
But when I start trying to eat better, the meals seem to become bigger. Because I am no longer eating grains, I have to eat double portions of everything else, right?
I’ll give you an example.
My daughter made me Japanese omelets and stir-fried shrimp and vegetables. I was starving, and I’m a pig so I ate all of it. I thought the omelets were just really fluffy. So with my plate empty, I leaned back to finish watching my show (yes, I know it’s better to eat mindfully, but I don’t have that kind of time, people) and then the amount of food I ate hit my stomach. I was SO full. Disgustingly full.
When I asked my daughter she said that she used six eggs. SIX EGGS!!!! WTH!
I would never eat six eggs in one meal. I had to limit her to three, and ONLY if she felt it REALLY needed them for what she was making.

Alica McKenna-Johnson, dieting, healthy eating, families

Photo by Mack Male

Hubby brings me platters full of seasoned baked tofu and roasted vegetables. It takes me hours to eat them all!
I know you all feel for me, being brought these delicious meals that are too big to eat in one sitting.
Truly, my life is hard.