So now that I can breathe and sleep, I am working towards regaining my health, strength, flexibility, and body back to where I want to be. Walking and gentle yoga is how I am starting out exercise wise, because I love them both. I am also reducing my intake of grains, because I feel SO much better when I don’t eat grains.

So, with all this I should be filled with Care Bear Happiness, but I’m not. This is the difficult part. The part where I get headaches because my back and neck are opening and stretching. I know the more I do and the stronger I get, that they will stop. Frustration/anger/sadness are pouring forth from my body as I now longer eat my feelings with grains.

It is this delicate, hard to judge process. Self-care mixed with pushing so I can improve myself and a touch of poor coping skills to try and stay sane-ish. Some days are easier than others. I have been journaling, purging my negative thoughts so they don’t just spin around and around in my head.

I am taking suggestions for positive coping skills as I go through this process. I am sure just as I settle and balance out, I will increase my steps or do harder yoga and find a new level of emotions I tried to eat into not existing.

I know I am in for a long journey, but I am excited about regaining my life—whatever that is going to mean in the future.