Group Coaching Classes

Group coaching sessions are limited to ten people, run three months and meet every two weeks via teleconference which last s75 minutes. Each is recorded so you can listen to it again. You will be given homework/fieldwork to do between sessions.

Three-month group coaching session are $75 per month or $199 for all three months up front.


  • In this three-month group coaching session, we will discuss the importance of creating yout mission and vision, gain a better understanding of your publishing options and what type of writer you are. You will be able to create a realistic schedule and set goals for a day, a week, a month, and a year. You will create a clear focus and plan for your writing career.
  • Gain clarity about how you write and revise to support goal setting.
  • Discuss routines and/or rituals that help your creativity flow.
  • Provide support and accountabilit as you create your unique writer’s journey and establish positive habits.
  • Learn how to recognize the obstacles, challenges and blocks that can arise in life and how to turn them into opportunities for growth.
  • Identify supportive environments and activities that allow you to reach goals you have set, based on your author career vision.



  • In this group people can come and go as needed for support and accountability. Discussion topics will be determined by the groups needs at that time.
  • Are you dealing with writer’s block?
  • Need support as you send out query letters?
  • Want guidance as you weigh the pros and cons of the different publishing routes?
  • Are you more productive when you are held accountable for your progress?
  • This is the group that will help you keep focused on your author career vision and three-year plan for your writing career.
* You must have taken personal or group coaching with Alica or Astroleger Dawn before you can join this coaching group. 
If you have worked with another coach and have created a mission and vision, email Alica to set up an individual introduction call.


Payment Options


For more information on my coaching sessions, or to set up an appointment, email or go to

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