Author Support Coaching

  • Do you need accountability to continue to write your best seller?
  • Are you looking for information on the type of publishing that will work for you?
  • Do you need tools and resources to stay on track with your writing?
  • Do you have a dozen bestselling novels started but none finished?
  • Are you unable to take the final steps to send your novels out into the world?
  • Do you have a clear vision for your author career, including goals and a schedule for the next three years?

As Alica McKenna Johnson journeyed from writing fanfiction to publishing she learned a lot and had to re-do Alica McKenna Johnson, Authormany things, which cost time and money. Her passion is to help authors create a strong foundation in preparation for their professional careers. By understanding what your career will look like and require, you can establish key components from the beginning.

Alica offers author support coaching to writers of all levels who need someone to help show them different options, be accountable, gain strength and encouragement, and maintain clarity on their writing goals.

Being an author can be a very lonely profession. Without the support and structure of a “normal job,” it can be challenging for some of us to stay disciplined and goal oriented. It doesn’t matter whether we sit at home in our yoga pants and baggy tee shirts or try to squeeze writing time out of a day filled with work, kids, partners, friends, and dishes, we can all use support.

Alica has published five novels and one novella. She has served on the board of her local Romance Writers of America chapter, and attended many writing conferences and workshops. Dedicated to constantly improving her craft and understanding of the publishing business, Alica will share her knowledge and resources, so you can make the most informed choices possible.

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  • “Alica McKenna Johnson is a wonderful author coach, understanding, caring, and knowledgeable. She brings her own life experiences and all that she’s learned on her own author path to help her clients. She listens to my concerns, my fears, and my problems, and knows how to help, whether it be advice about how to deal with rewriting or recommending a book about self-publishing. She is a great listener; she does not impose her own writing style onto her clients, but listens to how best to help us work more effectively within our own style. Her active participation in the self-publishing world has given her a great deal of knowledge about that aspect of being an author. However, she is not just an author coach for indie authors, she also keeps abreast of what is going on in traditional publishing. I’m glad she’s in my corner. If you want someone who will listen to you and guide you along the author path, Alica would be a great choice. “

    — Kim Barton

  • “Alica is an incredibly sweet, caring, and understanding writing coach. She has been in the same situations and offers concrete ways to help anyone get past their fears or blocks to achieve their goals. She is also an incredible listener! Even when you are simply talking about life or something supposedly inconsequential, Alica hears what you say and breaks it down to your current situation. She has helped me understand some of the root causes for my writer’s block and given me the tools and information to successfully continue in my writing career. Alica is an amazing coach and friend for life.”

    — Apryl KB Lopez, SEO Content & Freelance writer

  • “Alica’s Goal Setting for Authors coaching class is something I highly recommend. Whether you are a newbie or have been writing a while, you are guaranteed to learn something that will help you. I’m currently restarting my writing career after some health issues, Alica’s class has helped me to become more focused on my writing goals and what I need to do to achieve them.”

    — Elaine Charton w/a Elaine Joyce, Desert Breeze Publishing
    Coming July 2017

  • “Alica’s Goal Setting for Authors was an incredibly helpful class. During the six-week course, with Alica’s help and guidance, I clarified my author vision and purpose. At the beginning of the course, I had a vague idea of what I wanted as an author, but by the end I felt invigorated and excited to plunge in and really take the steps needed to become a published author. Through guidance like creating a vision of what my career will look like to exploring what is holding me back to practical advice about my author brand, newsletters, and ins and outs of publishing, Alica helped me gain the clarity I needed to make this huge step in my life. One of the most helpful aspects of the class was the Successes and Challenges that we all shared. It made me think of all that I’d accomplished between classes and to see sticking points not as problems but as challenges. Alica is supportive, nurturing, a great listener, and brings a sense of humor to her wisdom. “

    — Kim Barton

  • “Being a part of this group was so good for my ‘head down, figure it all out on my own’ soul. It was always a safe place where I could voice my roadblocks and get constructive ideas to eliminate them, and a place where I could boast my accomplishments and have people genuinely happy for my successes.”

    — Rebecca Jenshak


Group coaching sessions are limited to a smaller amount of members. Each class runs three months and we meet every two weeks via teleconference for a little over an hour. There will be homework/fieldwork to do between sessions.

Program Fee: $199 one-time payment for full three month package or $75 per month

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Payment Options


These one-on-one sessions with me are catered to the individual’s needs. They will last three months, with scheduled phone calls every two weeks. Also, I will be available via email or text at anytime between sessions for needed support or clarification. There will be homework/fieldwork to do between sessions.

Program Fee: $249 one-time payment for the full three month package, or $100 per month.

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Payment Options


I am now offering one-hour brainstorming sessions!

Not everyone wants to do personal coaching sessions. Would an hour here and there work better for you? What would you want to talk with me about? How could I support you in your creative process?

Program Fee: $50

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Payment Option

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