Help Opinions Needed and Cover Reveal!!!!

Help Opinions Needed and Cover Reveal!!!!

Alica McKenna Johnson, Legacy of the Feathered Serpant, Phoenix Child, Blurbs

Hey, everyone, I am in need on your wisdom and help because writing book blurbs is harder than writing the book itself. If you could look these over and let me know which one you like more and make suggestions and/or corrections that would be awesome.
1. While traveling through South America, fifteen-year-old Sapphire does her best to juggle homework, her new family, and critical magical creatures.
Performing with the Cirque du Feu Magique is a cover for her real mission: opening portals to Akasha, the world all mythical tale creatures come from.
But opening these magical doorways isn’t enough. Sapphire must find the strength to become the leader her family needs in order to escape the dark forces that are hunting them.
2. First an ancient Phoenix King and Queen and now a sleeping Mayan god.

Traveling with her new family and performing with Cirque du Feu Magique as a cover, Sapphire finds herself in South America opening portals to Akasha. This gives the mythical creatures hidden among us an opportunity to return to their true home.
Cartazonon, sensing her power, is drawn to hunt in South America. He needs the beings she is trying to save to sustain his centuries old empire.
Desperately juggling performing, demanding dwarves, homework, and a new family, Sapphire must also find the strength to become a leader in order to face Cartazonon’s dark army.

When Geeks Gather

When Geeks Gather

My daughter and I went to the Pitch Perfect Sing-a-Long at the Loft, and it was awesome. No it was aca-awesome.

Going to the movies is fun, not only because of the big screen, but also because of the energy in the room. Everyone experiencing similar feelings at the same time—it ties you together for a brief moment.

Now amplify that by bringing us together for a movie we love and have watched several times AND remove the need to be quiet. Cheering when each new character comes on the screen. Saying our favorite lines out loud. And singing as loud as we can to the songs while dancing in our seats. We were a hoard of aca-awesome.

We were given props. Some to use, like the toy microphone. Some to throw into the air, fake money and party poppers. I don’t go to a lot of movies, but I do try and make every sing-a-long. The next one is Frozen :)

Do you have a local indie theater that holds sing-a-longs and other fun events?

The Yin/Yang of Life

The Yin/Yang of Life

So someone posted a video of these kids break dancing on a subway train. They were amazing and you could see the joy of the other passengers increase.


It made me wonder about how life balances itself.

Because my experience with subways is via the media, I see them as scary places. Places where people get mugged, molested, and sometimes killed. Places where you are trapped and have no hope for escape.

But then I hit YouTube and found heroes, and heroines, and people making music, and dancing, and protecting each other. And I wonder is there really a balance in this world? For every person causing harm is there another bringing joy? For every terrorist is there a good Samaritan? For every person poisoned by fear are there an equal number going into the world and spreading joy?

And is it perfectly balanced? I know the yin/yang symbol isn’t good vs evil. I understand it’s about a balanced universe. Dark/light, chaos/order, death/birth etc.

But the symbol is balanced, and if that is the way these energies balance, does that mean it will always be this way? That as we become more compassionate, more open, more free, more accepting, that the other side is becoming more oppressive, more fearful, and more violent?

And if that’s true, how do we win? How do we create a better town, city, state, country, world if we are constantly battling love vs fear?

Sorry, I just got all philosophical on you guys. I’ll post a dorky video next week to balance it out 

Kung Fury

Kung Fury

Today’s foreign Film Friday is special. You get a whole movie! Thirty minutes of awesome to brighten your weekend. It is so bad, so very very bad. Also read the subtitles, they are important.


I Am The Ill Intent

I Am The Ill Intent

Alica Mckenna Johnson
SPOILER ALERT I shall do my best to keep things vague, but there might be small spoilers for Daredevil.
I spent this month’s weekend off watching the new Netflix series Marvel’s Daredevil. First, Netflix is awesome because they put up the whole series at once so you don’t have to wait. Ah, binge watching at its finest.

Second this is an awesome show.

I love the characters, but the villains were truly wonderful. They were well rounded. You found out so much about their background. Well, except for two of them and both of them were Asian, the head of the Yakuza and the Triads, coincidence or accident????? They were still great, especially Madame Gao, so a rich character.

Wilson Fisk had the best story arc. When he wasn’t directly fighting the hero, I wanted him to win. He made me cry. I held my breath hoping things would work out for him. If you have ever wondered about the phrase ‘the villain is the hero of his own story,’ then watch Daredevil. Even at the end, when we know all the bad he has done, when his self-awareness fulfills his character arc, I was still hoping he would get back to his love.

Daredevil is darker then I normally watch, BUT it was so well written. And there is some comic relief. The hero is good and tortured. The sidekick is adorable, funny, and fierce in his own way. The women are strong, they are fighters, with hearts, and not strong woman=bitch. I am looking forward to the second season very much.

Have you seen Daredevil yet? What did you think?


Foreign Film Friday: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Foreign Film Friday: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Simon Pegg does a fabulous job as Hector, a psychiatrist who isn’t happy and isn’t making his patients happy. So he heads out into the world to search for happiness. And he finds it, for a moment. Then like most of us, he finds that it isn’t real, or it’s going to leave us, or we thought it would make us happy but doesn’t.

Hector suffers on his journey as he searches for happiness. Have tissues ready, this one made me cry as well as laugh.


For The First Time Ever

For The First Time Ever

So my friends and I are at the gym. Chewy is the movie room supposedly walking on the treadmill. Amber and I are in the main cardio room, which looks over the free weight area. Such lovely views :)

Anyway Amber is running on the treadmill while I’m walking and thinking about doing my faster walk/jogging thing I sometimes do when Amber stops and is rubbing her leg.

Me: You okay?

Amber: I think I pulled and muscle.

Me: Do we need to stop?

Amber: Let’s cool down first, maybe I can loosen it up. I’ve never pulled a muscle before.

Wait, what? Amber played sports all through school including being part of a woman’s football league in college. She’d come to work covered in bruises, but she’s never pulled a muscle?

Me: Are you serious? All those sports and you never pulled a muscle. How is that possible?

Amber: No idea, maybe I’m just getting old.

Me: I was putting on a pair of tight jeans my legs damp from the shower and jumping up and down holding onto the belt loops and landed wrong and pulled my hamstring, and you’ve just now pulled a muscle. How is this fair?

Amber shrugs.

We cool down and Amber limps into the movie room to get Chewy who is sitting on one of the chairs watching the movie and playing on her phone. We stretched and when we get up to leave, we discover a second injury. Chewy was sitting oddly and hurt her butt. Yes, while sitting, watching a movie, in the gym, Chewy suffered an injury to her buttocks. It seemed pretty serious. 0_o

Carefully we head to the car and I keep an eye out for anything else that could possibly go wrong. And everything was fine until they took me out for lunch and margaritas, but that’s not a story you want to hear, I’m sure.

Foreign Film Friday: Ghost Graduation

Foreign Film Friday: Ghost Graduation

ghost graduation
The blurb for this Spanish movie made it seem like it would be a silly fun ghost story. And it was, but it was also touching. A teacher is hired at a high school because of his ability to see and speak to ghosts who are causing trouble.

It started out silly, but by the end, it was a ghost version of The Breakfast Club. Very fun. Go and check it out.


But That’s Not All!!!

But That’s Not All!!!

Hubby and I don’t have very much time together, so while I was using the bathroom, we’re talking. This is what happens after 15 years of marriage. Oh yeah, the romance is alive!

Anyway, he’s telling me about the tattoo expo he and DD went to while I was working.

Hubby: Did Tala tell you about the veggie guy?

Me: Um, no.

Hubby: He was so funny. He pulls out this tool and starts slicing a pineapple.

DD comes over, hearing the story start: Yeah and he’s like AND THAT’S NOT ALL, then he puts on this …

Hubby: Yeah, he put on this attachment and took out the nibs of the pineapple.

DD: Then he peeled a tomato.

Hubby: Yes, a tomato, and he’s got this heavy accent and calls out AND THAT’S NOT ALL.

DD: And he pulled out another tool to shred veggies as an extra special deal. He said it was worth forty dollars, but …

Hubby: But he would give it to us for twenty. Then he said “but it that all?”

Hubby and DD: Then he says OF COURSE THAT’S NOT ALL.

They are laughing so hard I can hardly understand them.
For the next 5 minutes hubby and DD bounce back and forth telling me this story.
Of course they bought one, as did the all the other people who stopped to watch him.
I wonder if either hubby or DD will be able to make it work.

Foreign Film Friday: Grabbers

Foreign Film Friday: Grabbers

So a small Scottish village is being attacked by a sea monster and the only way to protect themselves is to be drunk.

Um, yes please!!!

This was a really fun movie. I recognized several actors. There were enough funny moments to balance the scary-ish ones. This isn’t a big scare movies. A few times things jump out at you, and there is a fair amount of gore, but I wasn’t hiding behind my pillow.