It can be difficult and even feel decadent or selfish to guard your time. But it is essential, when time is so limited and we have dreams that we are working towards. We cannot do everything, and at some point we must weigh the things that need to get done with our skills, and what is the best use of our time.

The first service I wrestled with paying for was formatting.  I had read several blog posts saying how easy it is to format your book. How the instructions were easy to follow and templates wonderful to work with.

I bought the newest version of Word so I could download the templates provided and got to work. After hours of frustration, tears, cussing and almost throwing my computer against the wall, I felt stupidly incompetent. It seemed like paying someone else was the only way to get my book formatted, and this filled me with guilt for wanting to pay someone to do something ‘so simple’.

Finally, I gave in, and for a fee my book was formatted perfectly for all sites, all devices, and even had little phoenix graphics added to it. It looked so good, so professional that I cried. It was then I realized that only I could write and revise my book. I need to focus my limited free time on what only I could do and where my strengths lay.

Paying someone to use their skills and talents to do things I needed wasn’t bad, lazy, or disrespectful. These professionals make their living providing services and I need a professional. Why should I think badly about that?

It doesn’t matter if you are paying for someone to cook your meals, clean your house, format your book, design your book covers, or whatever needs doing. My to-do list is constantly being added to and some tasks I enjoy, some I need to do, and others I can ask for help from family, friends, or pay someone to do for me.

If you don’t value and safeguard your time, no one else will.

What are some ways you’ve found that help you protect the time you have so you can use it wisely?