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One day my critique group asked me how Kayin got from Zimbabwe to San Francisco in six months. My answer, “on an airplane,” didn’t make them happy, so I wrote his story. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Kayin’s life before he meets Sapphire in Phoenix Child.

Kayin's Fire by Alica McKenna JohnsonKayin’s Fire: A Children of Fire Novella

Children of Fire come into their Phoenix powers on their fifteenth birthday. For some, the change is celebrated. Kayin wakes to a nightmare. His black curls have turned bright red, and fire dances in his eyes. His mother, convinced that he’s become a demon, casts him out of his village in Zimbabwe.

Feeling confused, scared, and abandoned, Kayin is saved by other Children of Fire, who take him into their family. He learns to control his power, adjusts to the energy and excitement of New York City, and copes with his desire to return to the home he loves.

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