Alica Mckenna Johnson
SPOILER ALERT I shall do my best to keep things vague, but there might be small spoilers for Daredevil.
I spent this month’s weekend off watching the new Netflix series Marvel’s Daredevil. First, Netflix is awesome because they put up the whole series at once so you don’t have to wait. Ah, binge watching at its finest.

Second this is an awesome show.

I love the characters, but the villains were truly wonderful. They were well rounded. You found out so much about their background. Well, except for two of them and both of them were Asian, the head of the Yakuza and the Triads, coincidence or accident????? They were still great, especially Madame Gao, so a rich character.

Wilson Fisk had the best story arc. When he wasn’t directly fighting the hero, I wanted him to win. He made me cry. I held my breath hoping things would work out for him. If you have ever wondered about the phrase ‘the villain is the hero of his own story,’ then watch Daredevil. Even at the end, when we know all the bad he has done, when his self-awareness fulfills his character arc, I was still hoping he would get back to his love.

Daredevil is darker then I normally watch, BUT it was so well written. And there is some comic relief. The hero is good and tortured. The sidekick is adorable, funny, and fierce in his own way. The women are strong, they are fighters, with hearts, and not strong woman=bitch. I am looking forward to the second season very much.

Have you seen Daredevil yet? What did you think?