Alica McKenna Johnson, Legacy of the Feathered Serpant, Phoenix Child, Blurbs

Hey, everyone, I am in need on your wisdom and help because writing book blurbs is harder than writing the book itself. If you could look these over and let me know which one you like more and make suggestions and/or corrections that would be awesome.
1. While traveling through South America, fifteen-year-old Sapphire does her best to juggle homework, her new family, and critical magical creatures.
Performing with the Cirque du Feu Magique is a cover for her real mission: opening portals to Akasha, the world all mythical tale creatures come from.
But opening these magical doorways isn’t enough. Sapphire must find the strength to become the leader her family needs in order to escape the dark forces that are hunting them.
2. First an ancient Phoenix King and Queen and now a sleeping Mayan god.

Traveling with her new family and performing with Cirque du Feu Magique as a cover, Sapphire finds herself in South America opening portals to Akasha. This gives the mythical creatures hidden among us an opportunity to return to their true home.
Cartazonon, sensing her power, is drawn to hunt in South America. He needs the beings she is trying to save to sustain his centuries old empire.
Desperately juggling performing, demanding dwarves, homework, and a new family, Sapphire must also find the strength to become a leader in order to face Cartazonon’s dark army.