So my friends and I are at the gym. Chewy is the movie room supposedly walking on the treadmill. Amber and I are in the main cardio room, which looks over the free weight area. Such lovely views 🙂

Anyway Amber is running on the treadmill while I’m walking and thinking about doing my faster walk/jogging thing I sometimes do when Amber stops and is rubbing her leg.

Me: You okay?

Amber: I think I pulled and muscle.

Me: Do we need to stop?

Amber: Let’s cool down first, maybe I can loosen it up. I’ve never pulled a muscle before.

Wait, what? Amber played sports all through school including being part of a woman’s football league in college. She’d come to work covered in bruises, but she’s never pulled a muscle?

Me: Are you serious? All those sports and you never pulled a muscle. How is that possible?

Amber: No idea, maybe I’m just getting old.

Me: I was putting on a pair of tight jeans my legs damp from the shower and jumping up and down holding onto the belt loops and landed wrong and pulled my hamstring, and you’ve just now pulled a muscle. How is this fair?

Amber shrugs.

We cool down and Amber limps into the movie room to get Chewy who is sitting on one of the chairs watching the movie and playing on her phone. We stretched and when we get up to leave, we discover a second injury. Chewy was sitting oddly and hurt her butt. Yes, while sitting, watching a movie, in the gym, Chewy suffered an injury to her buttocks. It seemed pretty serious. 0_o

Carefully we head to the car and I keep an eye out for anything else that could possibly go wrong. And everything was fine until they took me out for lunch and margaritas, but that’s not a story you want to hear, I’m sure.