Alica McKenna Johnson, Phoenix Child, dieting, healthy eating, families

Photo by Kate Ter Haar

So it seems like every time I change my eating habits, my loving family starts out very supportive and then slowly changes what they bring me for meals.
Yes, you will probably hate me after this, but I almost never cook. Breakfast and dinner are made by my hubby and daughter. They bring it down to the group home for me every day 🙂
But when I start trying to eat better, the meals seem to become bigger. Because I am no longer eating grains, I have to eat double portions of everything else, right?
I’ll give you an example.
My daughter made me Japanese omelets and stir-fried shrimp and vegetables. I was starving, and I’m a pig so I ate all of it. I thought the omelets were just really fluffy. So with my plate empty, I leaned back to finish watching my show (yes, I know it’s better to eat mindfully, but I don’t have that kind of time, people) and then the amount of food I ate hit my stomach. I was SO full. Disgustingly full.
When I asked my daughter she said that she used six eggs. SIX EGGS!!!! WTH!
I would never eat six eggs in one meal. I had to limit her to three, and ONLY if she felt it REALLY needed them for what she was making.

Alica McKenna-Johnson, dieting, healthy eating, families

Photo by Mack Male

Hubby brings me platters full of seasoned baked tofu and roasted vegetables. It takes me hours to eat them all!
I know you all feel for me, being brought these delicious meals that are too big to eat in one sitting.
Truly, my life is hard.