Dramafever, Hyde, Jekyl,Me, Alica Mckenna Johnson, Phoenix Child
I have found Dramafever.com, a site with free Korean dramas, full of wonderful/awful shows. They have fun stories, and a different way to approach the stories. I think is important for writers to explore, so it is not entertainment, it’s research, people. I’m working here.
Anyway Hyde, Jekyll, Me is a fun odd story. It has romance and a Jekyll/Hyde character, but the dominant character is a cold-hearted business man who fights to suppress the side of him that is a sweet, playful, artistic hero named Robin.
The female lead is frequently yanked, shoved, and pushed to the ground, even though she is supposed to be an aerial artist. I know some aerial artists, and they are strong. So, yeah, that irks. But I keep coming back to it even when it irks me.
Also something happened the last time Robin, the good side, came out five years ago. Something the others see as bad, and Robin doesn’t know about. And I have to find out what happened, they are hinting someone died, but I don’t know whether I trust them. Must keep watching to find out!!