2012-10-22 13.12.02
So yesterday on woot.com they have this cool video camera that is ideal for paranormal research. It does night vision, and it’s small, has a stand, also films in regular non-night vision and has all sorts of fancy words and letters and numbers attached to it, so I’m sure it’s a great find.

I tell my hubby who I think is going to be happy- he would love to do paranormal research. And this is what he does to me.

Me- “Look, my dearest most beloved husband ever, look upon the treasure I found for you.”

Hubby- “Just another thing I don’t have time to do.”

Me (trying to stay up beat)- “But listen to the awesome,” I read the description.

Hubby, face totally serious- “Maybe you should get that, I can set it up and find out what has been going in and out of your room at night while you’re sleeping.” *

And then he walks away.

WTF!!!! Um hello, what’s coming in and out of my room??? Why would he say that to me? What did I do to deserve such vile treatment? And how quickly can I get one of these things? And how am I going to fall asleep?

* I have a room downstairs in the group home while hubby and kids sleep in the apartment upstairs. So I am now alone, at night, wondering what is getting past the security system and the locked doors. Where are the Winchester brothers when you need them??