Alan Rickman, Tim Curry, and Benedict Cumberbatch—scoot those over on the sexy voice couch so Sean Pertwee can sit down. Now I’ve seen him in other things, but today hubby and I watched all of the BBC series Honest. We picked it up because of Amanda Redman, who is the beautiful/sexy/strong, non-Barbie looking leading lady we have all been seeking.

Anyway Sean Pertwee has this deep raspy sexy voice that started making my knees week. His movie and TV list on IMDB is huge, but go ahead and watch Honest. It is super funny, and his character’s sexiness grows.

Word of warning—only one season, AND there is nudity, but it is equal. We get women’s breasts and the guys’ naked bums 🙂 But if you love a sexy voice as much as I do, trust me and check out Sean Pertwee.

Here is a clip of him narrating *swoons*

So who is your favorite sexy voice?