Photo by Evelyn Simak

One day I decided to take Pooder, my cat, for a walk. I was probably about nine or ten, and I don’t remember anyone else being around. I guess my parents were working, and Brandy must have been at a friend’s house. I was bored and decided that taking Pooder for a walk would be a good thing. I didn’t have a leash, but I did have a jump rope.

After hunting Pooder down from where she was sleeping under the bed, I pinned her down and tied the jump rope carefully around her middle. It would have been mean to tie it around her neck!

I packed a bag with food and something to drink, ready for a grand adventure. Pooder and I were going to explore the woods, fight a bear, and make friends with a moose.

I happily skipped out the door with Pooder following being dragged behind me. She moved reluctantly, obviously fearful of the adventure we were embarking on, but I encouraged her with kind words, mostly “Come on, kitty, it’ll be so much fun!”

I don’t think she believed me. Halfway across the street Pooder decided to attempt suicide. She lay down and refused to move any further. I was frantic. A semi was headed our way! I tugged on the rope and called out to her, tears filling my eyes. Finally I leapt into the street, scooped her up and collapsed on the side of the street. I clutched Pooder to me, crying and apologizing for traumatizing her like that. Several minutes later the semi passed by, and I took Pooder home and fed her the lunch meat I’d packed for her lunch.

I never tried to take her for a walk again.

So my Spider friends do you have any fun walking a pet stories?