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I was on the phone with my BFF Heather,and we were talking about giving our kids “the talk.” Both of us are huge advocates of repeating “You must always wear a condom.” Until our kids ears bleed. This got me thinking that I should update my stash of condoms. While I feel, and have told my son, if he’s man enough to have sex, then he’s man enough to buy his own condoms. I want to make sure he has them because come on— teens don’t always make the best choices.
So back to the point of updating my condom stash, it suddenly dawned on me at 38 that condoms come in different sizes, and how does one tell what size condom he needs?

Is the extra large on the box just an ego trip, or does it really mean something?

So I went to all mighty Google and Googled “How do I tell what size condom to buy?”

Apparently, there is a size chart.

Sssoooooooo, does this mean I need to have my son measure himself so I can buy the right sized condoms, cause that’s not information I want to know.

Should I let him know there is a sizing difference? Do I say this to him, or just send him a link in an email? I think posting it on his Facebook wall would be tacky.

And did you know how many different types of condoms there are? They even have ones you can get pictures printed onto. I have a deep heartfelt feeling that if I was single and some guy put on a condom with a picture printed on it, that I would no longer be interested in having sex with said person.

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