I raved about Sherlock season one twice in this blog so far, so it seems only fair to also rave about season two.
More wonderful stories, odd twists, and amazing Sherlock feats.

The downside: there are only three episodes, and it ends on a cliffhanger again. This is a common for British shows. They frequently only do a few episodes or end the series while you’re still enjoying it, but I suppose that’s better than getting sick of a show before it ends.

Sherlock shows some more human understanding in this season, which was nice and awkward at the same time.
Watson is fabulous, and the strength of his friendship is tested and shown in this season. If you haven’t watched these yet, run out and rent them right now! Then you can join with me desperately waiting for season three.

I am out of town, we’re taking all the work kids to beach then I go to a drug awareness workshop so I won’t be back until June 22nd. Please leave comments, I promise to respond as soon as I get back!