I didn’t do too bad this week.

5 out of 7 days I made my 1000 word count- not getting on the internet helps a lot. I’ll continue with this goal.

I did write a first lesson, but it’s weak. So for this week I’ll work on lesson 2 and see if I can make lesson 1 stronger.

I checked out a lot more then three review sites and sent in requests for 5 sites. I haven’t heard anything back yet. I hope this means they are busy and not rejecting my story. Ah the fragile ego of a writer. I will check out at least 3 more review sites this weeks and send requests into those who seem like a good fit.

I didn’t send anything to my critique because my poor critique partner is totally overwhelmed with work, classes, and having gotten sick. We won;t meet again until the end of the month so instead I’ll change my goal to making edits suggested by my critique partners on two previous chapters.

How is everyone else doing?