Regular Guys is a movie from Germany about a cop, Christoph, having a truly hideous day. In true macho style he gets drunk and wakes up naked next to another equally naked gay man.

Christoph doesn’t know what he’s done, is confused about who he is, and what he wants. Of course Edgar doesn’t help much with his constant flirting.

I liked this movie. It’s not a faced-paced movie, but slow and steady as Christoph figures out his life. One of the things I do like about German movies is that they don’t portray their gay men as outrageous, overly effeminate queens. Not that they aren’t fun, but its nice to have gay men as, well, regular guys.

I loved the ending, even thought it wasn’t what I was hoping for. This really is a movie about love, friendship, and self discovery.

Sorry I could find a trailer, but you can watch the full movie on youtube.