It’s not often I decide that I have something writerly to share. Today, however is your lucky day 🙂 As I have gotten ready for the release of my book, I have offered to do interviews and asked other bloggers if I could be on their sites. I had many people offer to be let me be on their sites, but fewer asking to be interviewed or doing a guest blog. Why? I don’t bite.

I think people are afraid to put themselves out there, as if they are being judged for having the audacity to feel they are worthy of being on someone’s blog. I know I felt the same way.

This is silly. Not only do I get to learn more about someone, which could easily turn into a character in a book one day, I also get a blog post I don’t have to figure out on my own, and I have gotten at least one new follower for every interview I have done.

Yes, I want to help my fellow authors, and yes I am a blessed saint for doing so, but I also get a lot in return. So the next time some offers you a chance to be on the blog don’t be all shy and nervous, jump at the chance!

Now this part is just personal opinion, but I like interviews that help me get to know the author better.

I don’t want to know more about their process. I’m a writer I understand how it works.

Desperately type words to make word count.

Ignore that they’re crap and move onto the next chapter.

Read and edit finished book wondering what drugs you were taking at the time, patch it the best you can, offer to critique group and try not to cry as they tell you it needs to be re-written.

Throw a temper tantrum.

Rewrite the damn things, take back to group, more editing and revising, lather, rinse, repeat. I won’t get into publishing because that part can be even more of an emotional roller coaster.

Isn’t this how everyone writes?

To prepare for doing my interviews I sat down and thought of 30 questions. Okay, boy child and hubby helped. They’re odd, some have to do with books, some zombies, some food, whatever, but all of them help the reader get to know the guests as people better, which gives them the chance to feel connected to the reader.

When someone agrees to be interviewed by me, I send out the whole list and let them pick what they want to answer. If there are things they want to talk about which are not on the list, then they go ahead and make up questions for themselves.

See it’s not so hard, and it’s fun. As the host I read through them, troll the internet for picks to brighten everything up, and voila! a blog post.

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