I have to admit that for me an alpha male has to be a badass. I also like them to be intelligent, sweet, caring, and able to cook and clean, but in the end it’s the badassness that makes me swoon.

So what kind of badass things do I like to see my men do?

Okay, so being able to handle a weapon is hot. Not necessarily a gun, unless you’re doing something seriously badass, but swords, knives, or staffs, those are cool.

Climbing a rope. This is a mad skill. It’s not easy to climb a rope, and if you can do it without using your legs . . . OMG that is hotness.

But my newest measurement of badassness is handstand push-ups. Dude. Seriously. They are way hot. There is something very sexy about a man who can do handstand push-ups.

So how do you measure badassness? What does your alpha male or female need to have?