I made the work kids ramen the other night for dinner – just the cheap packaged stuff – nothing to get excited about. Anyway, after all the noodles were gone the kids wanted to know if there was any juice left.


For whatever reason that totally grosses me out. It’s not juice it’s broth. When I told them this, they all looked at me blankly as if no one had ever called the liquid part of soup broth before. What are they teaching in schools these days?

I didn’t correct them again but every time they called it juice my stomach rolled, so gross.

Why this bothers me out so much I have no idea.

Is there something innocent people say that makes you shudder? Do you call it broth or juice?

Today’s Music Monday song is by Ivi Adamou ‘La La Love’ it’s Cyprus’ entry tot he 2012 Eurovison Song Contest.