Black Books from BBC is my pick for the fifteenth Foreign Film Friday. This is a quirky show which takes place in a bookshop. The owner Bernard Black is drunk, rude, and will use a broom to shoo customers out of his shop just because he can.
Next door his long time best friend Fran jumps between encouraging his bad behavior and trying to keep him in line.
Our third player is Manny who is sweet, kind, loyal,neurotic, and gets a cramp in his leg when he gets stressed out.
Black Books is hysterical, the comedy is sometimes visual with a lot of the more dry sarcastic bend British sit-coms are known for. I fear by describing the characters I haven’t done them or the show justice- which is why I never review this way! These are like-able dysfunctional characters. We laugh with them and frequently at them, but none of them are horrid people- well not completely horrid people. So far I have watched the first two season and howled with laughter the whole time, as did my hubby and my two kids. I would not recommend this show for young children as there is a lot of drinking, smoking, talking about sex, and cussing.
I couldn’t find a season one trailer,and the other two videos I picked wouldn’t work- but here is a scene from season two. I’m renting season three tonight!

Sorry guys all the good stuff has the what-evers disable- go ahead and click on youtube and check it out- it’s really funny.