Iron Fist

I had heard a lot of iffy reviews about Iron Fist, but was willing to try it out myself. There were elements I liked. For example, the mix of Danny’s childish innocence and warrior fierceness, the complexity of the villains, and the story was interesting. I didn’t love it, but I will check out the next season. However, what did catch my attention was the nurse, Claire. She has been in all the Marvel shows on Netflix that I’ve watched so far, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of her. For me...

Daredevil Season 2

I loved Daredevil season one. It is a much darker and more violent show than I normally watch. However, the villains’ stories are so compelling I couldn’t stop. So I was excited to watch season 2, and unfortunately disappointed. I didn’t like season two nearly as much, and, honestly, I found the constant preaching of how every life is precious and worth saving sanctimonious and naïve. I was Team Punisher the whole time. I am looking forward to his show. I’ll probably check out season 3,...

Samurai Gourmet

First let me say how delighted I am to find foreign language films and shows within Netflix Original Series. So my first glorious find is Samurai Gourmet. It’s about a Japanese man, Kasumi, who has retired from corporate life and now has to figure out how to live. When unsure of what to do, he gains wisdom from an imagined masterless samurai. A huge part of the show is Kasumi finding new joy and remembering his past through food. Seriously, this is pretty much him being adorable and food porn....


I frequently write with the TV on. After years of being constantly surrounded by kids, I honestly fall asleep if things are too quiet. Quiet is for bedtime. I just finished watching all three season of the Great British Bake Off. I had no idea there are six kinds of pastry! So after that, Netflix suggested COOKED. Willing to give most food related programs a try, I clicked on it and went back to work. This is an amazing show! I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition having worked in...


BBC Crime Drama: Yes, please. Tom Conti: Yes. Samantha Bond: Oh, hell yes. So far this show has everything I want. Excitedly I watched it and was instantly drawn in. The chemistry between Tom Conti and Samantha Bond was amazing.  And then it fell flat. It was as if the power of the show came from Samantha Bond alone. No chemistry, no energy, and nothing worth watching if she wasn’t in the scene. I didn’t finish the first season as it wasn’t compelling enough.

Putting Together IKEA

My new apartment is furnished in mostly IKEA, which means I put together quite a bit of IKEA. I am normally not great at putting together stuff. Yes, I needed to go slow and even re-do a few things, but all in all I found the directions easy to follow. I enjoyed putting together IKEA. I swear, I really did. While I was putting together another bookcase, I had a thought. How fun would it be to watch teams compete as to who could put together a house of IKEA furniture the fastest? The furniture...

Kill Me Three Times

I am up for any Simon Pegg movie, which is what led me to KILL ME THREE TIMES. It’s an odd dark comedy. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it again. It was darker than I like. Anyway, Simon Pegg is a hitman who is having a very, very, very bad day. But not quite as bad as the person he keeps trying to kill. If you enjoy dark comedies, then I would recommend checking this movie out. Good script, plot, and acting. If you watch it, let me know how you enjoyed, it.

My Daughter is So Funny

I shared an ad some friends and I had found on Craigslist with my daughter. I thought it was funny, she was less amused. Me:  Tala there is a guy advertising for a live-in maid and “maybe more, if you’re open minded”. Tala:  Mom, no just no, you can’t take that job. Me, surprised she is taking this seriously:  What, why not? Tala:  Because you’ll be making the bed and then BAM it’s all 50 Shades of Non-consensual up in there. I could barely breathe I was laughing so...

When Playing Pretend Goes Badly

Netflix has some really fun, original shows and movies available. One I really enjoyed is TRUE MEMIORS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASIN. This movie was funny and silly and showed a crazy side of an author’s mind. Kevin James plays a hopeful author who imagines the things he’d want to do or say in grand and powerful style, then we are shown his reality. When he is mistaken for the character in his book, things get really crazy. It turns into a mix between an author’s wildest dream and worst...

I Have Missed You All

I have missed blogging. This past year has been beyond crazy! I left my job of 10 years (where my family and I lived), which meant moving, and my hubby and I decided to live separately. So, yes, please, let’s do ALL the stress. LOL I am good now, I have an apartment. After not being able to have pets for 10 years, we have two cats, Pad and Thai. I missed pets so much. I went to several professional author events, and because of luck and frugal grandparents, I have been able to focus on my...



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