Debra Kristi, Alica McKenna Johnson

Photo by Debra Kristi

Seriously, I think this is a great idea.
First off, working with kids in the foster care system for the past eight years has made the words ‘mom’s boyfriend’ or ‘stepdad’ something that makes my stomach clench. AND yes, there are a lot of amazing men out there, but if a single mom wants to get laid wouldn’t it be nice for her to be able to go somewhere safe and not have to bring a guy to her home?
Or go to his home? In a country where one out of every four women is raped, getting our needs for sexual intimacy met can be very frightening. Sex shouldn’t be scary.
Which is why we need a brothel for women. A safe place where an exchange of money for services is clear. Expectations are clear, as are boundaries. A place where a women could explore kinks. Or maybe have a romantic dinner and sex after. A place where our weight, stretchmarks, age won’t be something we have to worry about.
A place where women healing from rape and/or sexual abuse can hire someone she knows will stop when she says “no” and won’t be hurt/frustrated/angry with her. A place where she can work to reclaim her sexuality before seeking out a partner.
Really, I think it’s an amazing idea. It could even be like a spa, get a mani-pedi, massage, have a lovely meal, and awesome sex. 🙂
No worrying about getting or not getting called by the guy.
No worrying about what he wants, if he’ll use you, if he’ll hurt you or your kids.
A safe place to explore and enjoy your body and sexuality.
So what do you think? Am I the only one who sees the potential here?