Jenny Kaczorowski, Alica McKenna Johnson

Photo by Jenny Kaczorowski

Okay so it’ll need a better name, but the idea is amazing!
I want to have a café I can go to when I was feeling depressed. Because sometimes you just can’t stand your home for one more minute, or you want to be around people but not have to talk to them, or you need a safe place to just be.
So this café will have a Quiet Room with soft squishy couches, papasan chairs, and places to curl up. You can be on your computer, read, write, or just zone out. The colors will be soft and inviting. There will be buttons to call for a waitress so no one talks to you unless you want them to.

Ryan Gessner, Alica Mckenna Johnson

Photo by Ryan Gessner


There is also be an You Can Do The Thing Room where there will be realistic and cute quotes of inspiration, still comfy places to sit, but also desks and tables with more serious firmer chairs. The colors will be brighter and servers will check in with you to offer food and drink or advice/sounding board/ handholding.
There will be books in both rooms where people can offer advice to how they take care of themselves, or work themselves out of their darker periods. Books where people can write secrets to get them off their chests. Book where people can post poems, pictures of their art, and stories so others can leave encouraging feedback and constructive criticism (if you want it).
The menu will offer foods and drinks that nurture your body and mind, fruits, salads, healthy proteins and teas. And those that nurture your soul: cakes, rich sweet drinks, and cheese carbs.
This is a needed place. It’s awkward to call a friend and say, “Hey I’m in a dark place. Can I come over and read on your couch, but please don’t talk to me. I don’t want to be social, but if I stay in my house for one more minute, I might lose my mind.”
So please someone make this a thing, so I have a place to hang out.
What would you add to this café?