My daughter and I went to the Pitch Perfect Sing-a-Long at the Loft, and it was awesome. No it was aca-awesome.

Going to the movies is fun, not only because of the big screen, but also because of the energy in the room. Everyone experiencing similar feelings at the same time—it ties you together for a brief moment.

Now amplify that by bringing us together for a movie we love and have watched several times AND remove the need to be quiet. Cheering when each new character comes on the screen. Saying our favorite lines out loud. And singing as loud as we can to the songs while dancing in our seats. We were a hoard of aca-awesome.

We were given props. Some to use, like the toy microphone. Some to throw into the air, fake money and party poppers. I don’t go to a lot of movies, but I do try and make every sing-a-long. The next one is Frozen 🙂

Do you have a local indie theater that holds sing-a-longs and other fun events?