So someone posted a video of these kids break dancing on a subway train. They were amazing and you could see the joy of the other passengers increase.


It made me wonder about how life balances itself.

Because my experience with subways is via the media, I see them as scary places. Places where people get mugged, molested, and sometimes killed. Places where you are trapped and have no hope for escape.

But then I hit YouTube and found heroes, and heroines, and people making music, and dancing, and protecting each other. And I wonder is there really a balance in this world? For every person causing harm is there another bringing joy? For every terrorist is there a good Samaritan? For every person poisoned by fear are there an equal number going into the world and spreading joy?

And is it perfectly balanced? I know the yin/yang symbol isn’t good vs evil. I understand it’s about a balanced universe. Dark/light, chaos/order, death/birth etc.

But the symbol is balanced, and if that is the way these energies balance, does that mean it will always be this way? That as we become more compassionate, more open, more free, more accepting, that the other side is becoming more oppressive, more fearful, and more violent?

And if that’s true, how do we win? How do we create a better town, city, state, country, world if we are constantly battling love vs fear?

Sorry, I just got all philosophical on you guys. I’ll post a dorky video next week to balance it out 