Hubby and I don’t have very much time together, so while I was using the bathroom, we’re talking. This is what happens after 15 years of marriage. Oh yeah, the romance is alive!

Anyway, he’s telling me about the tattoo expo he and DD went to while I was working.

Hubby: Did Tala tell you about the veggie guy?

Me: Um, no.

Hubby: He was so funny. He pulls out this tool and starts slicing a pineapple.

DD comes over, hearing the story start: Yeah and he’s like AND THAT’S NOT ALL, then he puts on this …

Hubby: Yeah, he put on this attachment and took out the nibs of the pineapple.

DD: Then he peeled a tomato.

Hubby: Yes, a tomato, and he’s got this heavy accent and calls out AND THAT’S NOT ALL.

DD: And he pulled out another tool to shred veggies as an extra special deal. He said it was worth forty dollars, but …

Hubby: But he would give it to us for twenty. Then he said “but it that all?”

Hubby and DD: Then he says OF COURSE THAT’S NOT ALL.

They are laughing so hard I can hardly understand them.
For the next 5 minutes hubby and DD bounce back and forth telling me this story.
Of course they bought one, as did the all the other people who stopped to watch him.
I wonder if either hubby or DD will be able to make it work.