The Grocer's Son, Foreign Films, Alica McKenna Johnson
This French movie was sweet and funny. A son is forced into going home and helping out at his family’s grocery store in a small mountain town. The town is so sweet, and he packs a van every day to drive over the mountain to smaller villages and homes were people live alone.
I want this job. The views were beautiful, the people sweet, and quirky, and not willing to put with the son’s bad attitude.
Something happened to estrange the father and son—we never know what it is. They don’t have a big conversation and make everything better, but they do have a few small moments where they heal and learn to accept and maybe respect each other.
There is a bit of romance, but not so much I would call this a love story. It’s more of a young-man-gets-his-head-out-of-his-ass story 🙂