Today has been a day of constant booty wiggles and jumps. Not in a sexy way, but because my pants keep falling down. I need a friggin’ belt. But what would help until then is not wearing the sexy underwear with these pants!
The jeans don’t fit perfectly, and they slide down my black satin panties as I move around. So there I am grabbing belt loops and heaving jeans up my ass and doing the little wiggle to get them up all the way. Which is so not sexy, but neither is flashing panties in the grocery store.
If I wore cotton panties this wouldn’t be a problem, but the ones on top were the black satin and of course I’d forgotten about them being an issue when I got dressed this morning.
Wiggle, jump, wiggle, jump and a hot guy walks by. I try and ignore it. I try to pretend like I don’t care, but seriously its embarrassing. And what am I supposed to do say, “Hey, I know I look like a dork right now, but underneath it’s super sexy”?