For my second Romance movie I choose Now And Forever,
This Korean love story is sweet. It’s got the womanizing Min-su who is turned down by the lovely Hye-won, so he must pursue her. While spending much time with her, he starts to fall in love. Min-su isn’t very likable in the beginning. While he does have a growth arc, he is still kind of a childish pain in the butt at the end. But he grew on me.
Hye-won was fun and snarky and kept giving Min-su shit, which I liked. She doesn’t trust him at first and the hoops he has to jump through to win her were very clever, hee hee.
I really loved their best friends. They meet and fall for each other (two romances for the price of one). They are quirky and cute, and he is so awkward that I just want to hug him.
The ending killed me. It gets a tissue warning. I wasn’t expecting to cry that much, which is kind of stupid because I cry easily. But yeah, the movie was good—not amazing—then the end rips out our heart.