Some movies I’m okay watching by myself. But there are others which are just better with someone else. I’m not sure why. Could be the inside jokes, the quick glances, the shoves on the arm when something is funny.
Zoolander is so much better when I watch it with my sister. Don’t know why, but it does make everything better.
Pitch Perfect is a movie I prefer to watch with my daughter. I love the way she squeals when I cling to her at the end. movie 2
Fire Fly, Serenity, and Doctor Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog I watch with my kids, because they say the lines along with the actors and can sing all the songs.
I always watch martial arts movies with my hubby, especially foreign ones, so we can be in awe and/or make snarky comments.

movie 3
Do you have favorite movies you always make sure to watch with other people?