I frequently have posted deep, personal, reflective things about myself and my life. This usually happens during the darker, depressed part of my Eccentric Artistic Process. So today, while I’m all Superwoman Type A, I thought I would share with you what a typical day looks like. I can’t have you thinking I sit around in the dark, bemoaning the bleakness of my soul all the time 🙂

I wake up because I have to pee. The sky is light enough, so I know my alarm will go off soon. I don’t want to get out of bed. I roll over, ignore my bladder, and close my eyes.

5:45 My alarm goes off. I think, as every other morning, that I really should change the radio station to something I actually like. I get ready for the day, pee, put in contacts, brush teeth, throw on work-out clothes, and braid my hair.

6:15 Put soap in the washing machine, set temp, wake children, have kid whose day it is to do laundry strip the bed and put sheets and blankets in the wash. Wrestle two-year-old into a clean diaper and clothes. Must put on his shoes. He always has to have his shoes on it’s a bit obsessive.

6:30 Set up breakfast. We have it brought in, so we just set up the trays and get it ready for staff to serve. Listen to two-year-old child screech at me while I put out food. He wakes very hungry. I guess sleeping is hard work.

6:40 Serve breakfast, set timer for kid who needs to leave by 7 a.m. to catch bus, turn on washing machine, or yell at remind child to put the sheets in the washer!

6:43 Do 30 minutes of yoga with kids who want to join me. Desperately try to find inner peace with giggling, goofing off, and (you guessed it) two-year-old screeching.

7:20 Feed rest of children while I eat fresh fruit, which my husband makes me every morning (otherwise I would eat something covered in cheese), fill out paperwork for the work kids (I have to report behavior, contact with family, etc.) Must not add opinions, voice, or style.

7:45 Brush two-year-old’s teeth. I sing the ABC Song twice to make sure we brush them long enough. I tidy the house, make sure everyone is ready for school, switch laundry to dryer, sort, spray, and wash kids clothes. Wow, I sound really functional!

8:00 Make sure kids are with the staff. Three walk to elementary school, and one walks to day care. I take the kids who leave later to my house.

8:05 Sit and write while ignoring endless chatter from eleven-year-old.

8:20 Stop writing and send the middle school kids out to be driven to school.

8:30 Check word count, close up house, get stuff for gym.

8:40 Check in at office, gossip, find out what stupid things The Powers That Be are doing now, and escape the black hole that is the office to meet up with my gym buddy. If you don’t have a gym buddy you should get one. Without mine I would never go to the gym!

9:10 Work out. Today was 30 minutes of cross training on elliptical. I went 2.4miles and burned 347 calories while talking with Amber and checking out the others at the gym. Look! The Guy Who Should Smell His Age is here again.

10:15 Home, make protein shake, take shower before drinking it. The frozen fruit makes it too cold to drink right after working out. Check emails, because I’m addicted and can’t stay away from the internet for long without withdrawal symptoms.

11:00 Drink shake, check email again, do a quick check of Facebook and Twitter. Spend FAR, FAR too long goofing off. Shut down internet and finish meeting word count goal of 1000 words per day.

12:00 Make lunch, eat while checking Facebook, Twitter. Yes again. Stop judging me! Read some blogs.

12:30 Do dishes, start another load of laundry, and begin prepping veggies and such for dinner. Ha ha ha! Fooled you! I’m still on the internet!

12:45 Feeling guilty, so I do some prep for dinner.

1:15 Nap. I love naps.

2:10 Freshen up for work. Check email.

2:30 Work. Check work email and calendar and go to office.

2:40 Bring kids back to the house and feed them snack while asking about their day and seeing what they have for homework, and do the next load of the kids laundry.

3:00 Send kids to the learning center, a blessed place where there are tutors to help them with their homework. Read to and play with two-year-old, fold laundry, do book blurb class homework, and read email and blogs.

4:20 Kids come back. Check their homework, make sure they did their reading, then let them play outside on the playground. I will either read, knit, or push the two-year-old on the swing. Talk to my two personal children when they come home from school.

5:10 Add four more kids to the playground while another staff preps dinner.

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Do last of kid’s laundry, bathe two-year-old, send others into showers, have them tidy rooms and do a chore.
6:45 Bedtime snack for those who are hungry. Two-year-old is always hungry 🙂

6:55 Teeth brushing, and I make sure kitchen is tidy.

7:00 Everyone in bed and tucked in, lights out. I read to kids.

7:30 I sit down and eat dinner hubby made me (I’m vegetarian and allergic to gluten, so I can’t eat what is brought in) and watch So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve missed the first half hour, so during commercials, I check YouTube to see if people have uploaded the routines I’ve missed, then check emails, Facebook, and chat with hubby. Maybe too much multi-tasking? Set my computer aside to knit while watching TV. Hey, I can’t be idle. Cry when they send two dancers home.

9:00 Check on kids, lock doors, turn on alarm, get ready for bed, do belly dance isolations and shimmies while brushing teeth.

Boy child comes downstairs. Why do teenagers want to talk only between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.??

Midnight: Finally get to bed. Dear Lord, I’m going to be tired tomorrow!

And that is what a Superwoman day looks like in my Cycle of Eccentric Artistic Process. A depressed day? Take all the productive stuff not involving the kids and replace that with reading smut and sleeping, LOL.

If only I could harness this! I must admit I can keep my days looking more like this when I eat right, sleep well, and exercise! Of course knowing this doesn’t always stop me from sleeping all day and eating yummy fried things covered in chocolate.

Do you have cycles in your life? Have you ever written down what you do on a “good” day or do you only judge yourself by your “bad” days?