photo by dollen

The other day at the gym the eye candy was lovely. There was a random hoard of roaming giants, all muscle bound and glittering with sweat.

When I finished with my hour and a half, okay, hour long , damn it, all right, my thirty minute workout on the elliptical. A powerful and amazing, calorie burning thirty minutes. I went to get a paper towel and some spray to wipe down the machine.

Before I reached the paper towels, one the roaming giants stepped in front of me.

The tattoo work on his shoulder, which was eye level to me, was skillfully inked on milk chocolate skin Hard, well-defined muscles shifted as he moved. I handled myself in a mature fashion, just managed to stop myself from squealing and pointing to him making sure my friend saw us.

Anyway, back to the point. As I watched him, admiring his tattoo work, appreciating the way his skin glistened with sweat, I noticed he smelled good. As he stepped away, the scent tugged at my memory, and then it came to me.

He smelled exactly like one of my daughters friends, a skinny little boy who plops himself in my lap with his bony butt digging into my leg, before racing through my kitchen to devour everything in sight.

Adult men and this boy should not use the same body spray.

This is not good, not good at all. I don’t want to be standing next to a tall, buff hunk of man and thinking of a skinny, teenaged boy. This is why everyone should smell their age. At some point, say graduating high school, you no longer get to wear Bod, and after age 24, any scent you wore during college should be set aside and new grown-up scents should be worn.

Please. I’m begging you. Smell your age, it helps your sex appeal.

What do you think, does the scent you wear change with your age?