I don’t know why, but every month when I get my period my deodorant stops working. It hasn’t always been this way, but apparently my older body now makes inferior hormones which have messed up my body chemistry.

Photographed by veganstraightedge

Every month it surprises me. I reach to get something then suddenly I smell dehydrated onions. I check. Yep it’s coming from be, but seriously WTH. I don’t even eat dehydrated onions! I’ve changed deodorants, but staying within the natural non-animal testing ones. And they work great except when I start PMS-ing. I even try perfume and those period hormones eat right through it, I can’t even smell it after an hour!

I think it’s time to try something strong enough it has killed bunnies when my period comes along.

So this morning I tried a regular deodorant.

I no longer smell like dehydrated onions, but some nose wrinkling, fake, ‘spring fresh’ crap. GUH, this might be worse. I guess I would have to ask those around me, does the spring fresh scent travel as far from my pits as the onion smell?

I suppose I could try another scent, or maybe an unscented one. Do those even work??