Sometimes we just get too set in our ways. “Ignorance is bliss” has a place. Sometimes when you don’t know ‘how’ or ‘why’ something ‘should be’ done, it makes life easier, it opens up new opportunities and options.

But what do we do when we are burdened with knowing the ‘right way’ or ‘the way every ones does it’?
How do we expand our perspective? How do we give ourselves more choices?

We use the people we know. We talk to friends, post one line, maybe even Google our problem and see what amazing things other people have done. Maybe you’ll find solutions that won’t work for you, not everyone can woo a lover’s family by the size of the herd of cows. Even if the solution doesn’t fit your needs, it doesn’t mean it won’t spark the creative force inside of you.

I am going to offer my blog as a sounding board, so everyone read the comments and chime in. Post an issue, a conundrum, a problem, and we will brainstorm offering solutions, advice, things that failed or worked for us. All sorts of possibly useful information and let’s see if we can expand our options and think outside the box.

I am out of town, we’re taking all the work kids to beach then I go to a drug awareness workshop so I won’t be back until June 22nd. Please leave comments, I promise to respond as soon as I get back!