The Human Body is so Amazing


Last week I ‘liked’ the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on face book and almost daily receive the most amazing pictures on my news feed.

It makes me wonder what I am capable of, what could I achieve if I put effort into it? At 38 I doubt I’m joining a dance company and leaping into the air, but I could definitely do more then sit on the couch LOL!

What inspires you? What physical act takes your breath away and reminds you of how amazing the human body is?

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  1. Dancing wows me, too. So do people who exercise even with odds stacked against them–age, excess pounds, disabilities… And every time I’m sick then recover, I’m blown away by the body’s healing capabilities.

  2. I still remember a dance troop performance I finagled my mother into taking me to way back in high school. We were amazed by the grace and athleticism of the dancers.

    Even better, I saw Mikhail Barisnikov in concert many years back. You think he can’t be THAT much better than other dancers. But when we saw him, he was a cut above and defying physics all over the place. It was AMAZING.

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