A Some What Gentle Man

This is a Norwegian dark comedy. I’m a bit picky about my dark comedies, they need to be more funny then dark, I don’t like watching people being horrid to one another.

Anyway, back to the movie. Ulirk has just been released from prison, he was there for 12 years and all he wants now is to smoke a cigarette and eat a nice meal, but no one will let him. He’s constantly interrupted, poor Ulrik.

The only person he wants to talk to isn’t sure he wants to be around him. And you know if everyone else would just leave the poor man alone he’d be happy.

I enjoyed A Some What Gentle Man, I laughed. The movie ended on a good note. I don’t think I would watch it a second time, but if someone told me they liked dark comedies I would suggest they check it out.
This movie has sex and nudity so only older teens and adults unless you want to explain things. 🙂