From age six to twelve I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. The Big Dipper was the first constellation I ever found and is very bright and easy to find in Alaska. When we moved from Anchorage to Walnut Creek, CA I went out night after night looking for the Big Dipper. It took a week or so, but once I found it, I felt settled and at home. I don’t know why my twelve-year-old self decided that a group of stars signified so much to me, but there you have it, and it stuck.

When I moved to Tucson, AZ it took three months before I was able to find the Big Dipper in the night sky, and the minute I did something within me relaxed. I was home now.

When ever I see the Big Dipper in the sky I smile and know I’m home. I haven’t moved since coming to Tucson, and I have to wonder if I moved now as an adult would I still look to the sky desperately searching for a group of stars to let me know that I am home?
Do you have anything that you need to have to feel at home?