I love naps. Not only do they help me feel better, but they also make me feel indulgent because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to nap during the day. As a writer, I think napping is important because it allows my subconscious mind room to plot and plan. It also keeps me from turning into a grumpy bitch when I have stayed up late writing, plotting my next novel, reading a book, talking to my teenager (why does he only want to talk after 9pm?) or possibly maybe staying up watching a Firefly marathon.

I’m giddy when I go to take a nap, smiling and jumping onto the bed and snuggling under the covers. Naps are a very happy part of my day.

One interesting fact, at least it’s interesting to me, I don’t move when I nap. I don’t know why. I lie on my side, fall asleep and wake up in the same position. If I can keep napping, I move then, but while I’m sleeping I don’t move. Why? I’m all comfy in bed, so why don’t I shift while I’m napping? I move around when I sleep at night. It’s just weird, and this morning, while I’m too tired to work on my WIP, it seems interesting enough to be a blog post.
Do you need anything special when you nap?

Today’s music Monday is the Romanian contest for the Song Contest and a little eye candy of the female kind 🙂