Ha ha made you look 🙂

The Vicar of Dibley

No, no, no, no, uh yes.
Okay, pee before you watch this.Seriously, this is your warning: pee before watching this show. Dawn French plays a sexy, bodacious vicar in a stuffy old-fashioned English town with some of the quirkiest characters ever to grace the screen!

I first watched this on Christmas Eve four years ago. I was up all night wrapping gifts, because the holidays are more fun if you’re freaking out. I laughed so hard I almost woke up the kids! It’s sweet and charming and insane. Also there is the joke after the credits. Don’t change the episode until after the joke!

There is some crude humor, so watch it before you let you kids watch. I think most of it will go over their heads but you might not want to explain things 🙂