So some of you might remember the tribute to my son when he turned 17. Well, my daughter also deserves a post because she’s very entertaining and the opposite of my son. This makes parenting interesting since I never have to deal with the same issues twice.

Tala is amazingly creative, she writes rockin’ poetry, she loves to create stories, and just like her mom, she is a total pantser. This drives her teacher, who wants her to plot, insane.

Her awesomeness doesn’t stop there, she sings, too. I placed her for voice lessons with a college student who is earning his doctorate in vocal performance. She plays the piano and composes her own songs. She takes musical theater class, and she likes to design clothes.

We did buy her a sewing machine but we need to get her sewing lessons. So right now her favorite medium is duct tape. Yes, duct tape, which she uses to make what I call S&M Barbies. She doesn’t know what S&M means, thank goodness. She wraps her dolls in a variety of duct tape which looks like vinyl S&M gear. It’s hysterical and bit worrying.

Tala is great, but I won’t lie: I am equally and excited and scared of what comes next for her and us.

And in honor of Tala one of her favorite Bollywood songs