Spurred on by Myndi Shafer’s post on log lines I have decided to beg, plead, and give puppy eyes to get you’re most valuable and knowledgeable opinion.

I have three blurbs for you to vote on- you can even tweak them or create a new one if you feel that inspired. People I like and respect have all chosen one of these three as their favorites- of course they didn’t pick the same blurb, that would make my life too easy!
So please help out a new freaking out author and vote!

1-Sara had given up on the group home fairy tale of being rescued from the system by family. All she wanted was a quiet simple life. On the morning of her fourteenth birthday that dream shattered.
Scrubbing and praying don’t undo the unwelcome changes to her life, and fate isn’t done with her yet. Feeling other people’s emotions is overwhelming and disturbing, worse is catching on fire.
Family she never knew she had, is now invading her life. They call it a gift, but gifts don’t come with evil maniacs wanting to drain your power and your life.

2- Sara‘s dreams didn’t involve finding family, changing her name, discovering magical creatures are real, or catching on fire.
Orphaned at five Sara had given up on the dream of a family. At fourteen an ancient family inheritance, a gift, or curse changed her appearance, and her life. With new supernatural powers she is welcomed into the family of the Phoenix.
Sara must decide if she will hide or embrace being a Child of Fire and accept a dangerous destiny as a descendant of an ancient Phoenix King and Queen and the enemy of the evil that stalked and killed her parents.

3-Sara had dreams for her life and they didn’t involve finding family, changing her name, discovering fairy tale creatures are real, or catching on fire.
The most exciting thing Sara had planned for winter break was starting circus camp. Fate had other ideas. Orphaned at five, Sara didn’t know if her family always woke up on their fourteenth birthday to find their life and appearance changed.
With a dangerous destiny laid before her Sara must decide if she will hide from all that is being offered her, or will embrace being a Child of Fire.

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Thanks, Alica