You know those movies where the good guy arrests the bad guy instead of killing him or her? Or the one where the bad guys dies and it’s over so quickly that you feel cheated and you’re yelling at the screen “He needed to suffer, suffer and then die.” I hope that’s not just me?

Anyway I Saw the Devil is not one of those movies.

This is a movie about revenge, about making the bad guy pay for every second of pain he caused you. This is a movie that makes you wonder how cruel and sadistic you could be if faced with the same type of monster.

I never felt sorry for the bad guy – not once, but the revenge began to leave a sour taste in my mouth and I wondered if it was worth it. When Kim Soo-hyeon is done, when he finally kills Kyung-chul does he feel vindicated? Will he look back on the horrors he’s committed, on the taint left on his soul, and be happy?

This is an amazingly well done movie. I was riveted and disgusted the whole time. It mentions sexual violence, and we see a young girl about to be raped and a young woman who is forced to strip and perform oral sex, both are stopped by our hero. This is not a movie for children and only for older teens if you think they can handle graphic realistic sadistic violence.

If you have ever wanted to see a movie where the good guy kicks ass and the bad guy suffers for his crimes, then this is the movie for you.