It took me reading other people’s posts to realize that it’s October and people were doing Halloween themed blogs. So of course I had to join because there are some really great scary foreign films out there. I’ve already done: The Host and Dead Snow, both excellent foreign horror movies and if you haven’t seen them you need to. For the month of October I’ll be reviewing two foreign horror movies for you all to enjoy.  I’ll even try and mix up the countries because it would be too easy for me to stick with Asian horror movies, they make some creepy stuff.

So today I have two very different offerings for you Ringu and Black Sheep.

Ringu is the original Japanese movie of The Ring. The American version is scary- the Japanese one is scarier. The filming is amazing, the acting far better then the American one, and something about the unfamiliar culture, environment, and plot steps makes the Japanese one ever scarier. Grab you favorite person or pet and huddle in for Ringu.

The next horror movie is a classic creature horror movie Australian film Black Sheep. It’s baaadddd (sorry I couldn’t help myself) but it’s bad in a good fun way. I don’t remember being scared, but I was grossed out and I laughed a lot. There might have been one or two creatures jumping out of know where which made me jump. It’s a must see for creature horror movie fans.

What’s your favorite campy creature film?