All right- I am trying to expand my blogs- make them more interesting and engaging, and more then the twenty words I normally post lol! So Monday will now become—– Music and Musing Monday. I like to muse and ponder about all sorts of things- which leaves what I will write about wide open and hopefully a deeply exciting treat for all of you as you face the dreaded Monday. I will still post music, from around the world to help you shake off your Monday blues. I’m not going to try and make a theme from my musing and the music- I’m just not that clever.
So for my first musing we are going to talk sports. But Alica, you don’t know anything about sports. This is true, but I do know how important it is to pick your sports teams. I have two favorite teams and I want to share with you how I picked them.
From what I understand people cheer for the team they grew up with, or the city they live in, or which team colors they look best in, or maybe based off the players themselves. But this is just silly, you need to pick your sports teams based off of truly important factors.
One of my favorite teams is the New Zealand All Blacks they play rugby it’s similar to football without the wussy pads and helmets. Why do I adore the All Blacks? One they do the haka- which is awesome, because I love you all you get two teams each doing their own version of the haka 

Now the haka isn’t enough—oh no I’m much pickier then this. The all Black also give to charity which is very important. What is so special about their charity you might ask- well I have no idea- but they play the game naked, which is why they are my favorite team of all time.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the article about the charity game as it was years ago I read about it. But here is an article about a naked rugby game between the All Blacks and the Welsh Leeks – and yes there is a picture.

My other favorite team- the Kolkata Knight Riders. They are a cricket team from India, and happen to be the favorite team of Shah Rukh Khan my favorite Bollywood actor. He does the theme song for them. I give you two versions of the theme song- because I love you and I’m and sharing person, the second one is my favorite although the first has more shirtless men in it.

Now if you’re like me and know nothing of sports you might not know these two games, so I have a clips from both rugby and cricket to share with you. I can’t actually watch rugby- it scares me.

Highlights from a cricket game- it’s long- you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Or any of it really you’re a free person.

All Blacks Highlights

I just noticed that my song and musing melded into one happy post today- I doubt I will always be this lucky. Anyway what are your favorite teams and how did you pick them? Any important ‘how to choose a sports team’ tips that you wish to share?