I picked Enlightenment Guaranteed for my fourteenth Foreign Film Friday.

Most of us have at one point or another sought enlightenment, greater spiritual understanding, and higher purpose. Some of through prayer and meditation, some through pot and sex, some through physical activity. We searched in our late teens during college, when we hit our Saturn Return at 28, some later once the kids had grown and putting food one the table wasn’t as much of a struggle.

For two German brothers their journey begins in middle age, one who is a devout seeker of enlightenment and the other who’s marriage has just fallen apart and has no where else to go.

Their journey into Japan and the Zen Monastery where they will find enlightenment is hysterical, heart-warming, and painful.

One of the things I love about foreign films is learning about another culture. This film is unique because we get to see Japan for the perspective of a confused and overwhelmed outsider.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed this film, and have recommended it to friends many times. The ending might surprise you, but it’ll leave you feeling happy and maybe a bit enlightened.