Lucky number thirteen is a French movie called Vampire Party. When one thinks of French movies you often get the stereotype of deep artsy angst driven drama. Well this move will blow that stereo type away. Three friends get invited to an exclusive party- they use helicopters to fly the guest to the castle- it looks like fun, and it will be for the vampires waiting for them. But wait- the prize guest at this party- the top ranking dentist in France, because these vampires need a dentist. I’m not kidding it is actually a spoof! At first hubby and I didn’t know it was a spoof. It looked like a standard vampire movie, Gothic clothing, seductive vamps, and then the need for a dentist came to light and we couldn’t stop laughing. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, I find most spoofs to be crude and boring after a while, but this one kept me entertained. The only trailer I could find is in German- go figure that one out- but here it is anyway.