My sixth movie for Foreign Film Friday is sad get your tissues ready! It is a Bollywood which takes place in San Fransisco and is mostly in English. It stars Shah Rukh Khan- one of my favorite actors, and Kajol who I like a lot. This is a three hour epic which will have you laughing and crying tears of hope and sadness, joy and heartache. I’m not fan of sad movies, and thankfully the ending does bring everything together. I didn’t know it was so sad when I started watching it and then once I got started I couldn’t stop. This doesn’t have the bursting into song Bollywood movies are famous for, but the acting and story more then make up for it. Shah Khan shows his skill as an actor by playing a man with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s wonderful and if any actor can cry as well as he can then let me know, cause it’s amazing. It’s an touching story I hope you grab your tissues and spend an afternoon watching ‘My Name is Khan’